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                  Bowker Title Submissions

                  Title Submissions

                  Bowker accepts title submissions from publishers of all sizes and distributes this data to our network of library, retail, and school clients in the U.S., CA, U.K., N.Z, and AU. regions. Your ebook and print title data is exposed to over 100 million clients worldwide, which increases the discoverability of your titles. Our customers rely on Bowker data for sourcing decisions and for enhancement of their users’ experiences through cover images, descriptions, and other content. To learn more about submitting your title data, see the web page that best describes the size of your publishing house. Help readers find your books!

                  Self Publishers

                  Bowker identifies self publishers as those who purchase  1-10 ISBNs and create 1-99 new titles a year.

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                  Small Presses

                  Bowker identifies small presses as those who purchase  100-999 ISBNs and create 100-to 499 new titles a year.

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                  Medium and Large Presses

                  Bowker identifies medium and large presses as those who purchase more than 1000 ISBNs and create more than 500 new titles a year.

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