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                  Bowker for Retailers

                  For Retailer/Business

                  Bowker provides publishing services for many business types. From chain, to independent and college retail bookstores, to online retailers, distributors and consultants for other businesses, Bowker offers publishing solutions. Get started with Data Licensing, Publishing Stats, Books In Print and more, today.

                  Syndetics Unbound

                  Syndetics Unbound

                  Syndetics Unbound is an enrichment service that integrates seamlessly with an existing catalog or discovery layer to provide interactive exploration and increase the circulation of the book and library collection.

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                  Bowker Bibliographic Database

                  Bibliographic Database

                  Bowker provides a variety of bibliographic databases that can be used by publishers to provide customers with information through our powerful search and discovery tools.

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                  Data Licensing

                  Bowker is uniquely positioned to help support our customers in a publisher-centric and vendor-neutral approach to marketing and selling books and/or ebooks.

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                  Bowker Production Trends

                  Production Trends

                  Production Trends™ is a simple, intuitive set of dashboards that enables publishing professionals to see what types of books are the most popular, no matter the format.

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                  Bowker Identifier Services

                  Identifier Services

                  Bowker Identifier Services provides you with the resources to publish, distribute, and promote your books. We make it easier for your audience to find and purchase your titles.

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                  ISBN United States

                  As the official ISBN Agency for the United States and its territories, Bowker provides identifiers that help authors get their books discovered.

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                  ISBN – Thorpe Bowker (AU)

                  As the official ISBN Agency for Australia, Thorpe-Bowker provides identifiers that help authors get their titles discovered.

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                  Consumer Products

                  Bookwire™ makes it easier for people to discover, evaluate, order, and experience books.

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